Ten Things That Make Me Really Happy

Every so often it’s a good idea to dwell on all the things that make me happy.

1. My relationship with God- I am so very thankful that He saves me and sustains me.
2. My husband- I love him, and he’s my best friend.

3. My kids- I love being with them. I love homeschooling them. As Jason reminds me so often, I’m livin’ my dream.

4. Homeschooling- I love planning and teaching (not planning so much lately), but I still love it.

5. New books-The UPS man was almost mobbed as he came to our deck yesterday bearing homeschool books.

6. Bubble baths- Don’t worry, no picture is included.

7. Reading- Yes, it is closely related to #5, but I don’t only have to read new books, so it counts.

8. Pets- Nothing beat rubbing a sweetly purring kitty or smiling, grateful dog.

9. Chocolate- Does this need an explanation?

10. Watching my kids- From volleyball to basketball to gymnastics to ballet, I love seeing the kids do something great.

This post was originally linked up with Blog Every Day in May.

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