Weekly Wrap Up: Kidshine Week!

Although school has officially ended for us (until we do some summer things) this week was Kidshine Drama Camp. This is the week my kids look forward to all year long.  We had quite a few other activities this week also, but due to some techno failure- or my own mistake- I lost most of my pictures from the week when I tried to move them from my phone to the computer. I hope I can come back in later and some pics from tonight (Friday’s) Kidshine performance.

* All four kids were involved in Kidshine this year for the only time. Rachel was old enough for the first time, and Kathryne will be too old next year.  All of them had several parts in the week’s performance. And Rachel, who I was concerned about because of her silence, surprised us all by how outgoing and involved she was.

* Charles and Rachel are also continuing on with swim team. They’ve enjoyed it even though the outside pool is still really, really cold. It can’t seem to stay warm weather here. And, although we are continually teased with spring, the weather tends to revert back to cool and rainy- more like fall for us.

* Ashlyne’s gymnastics spring show was Thursday evening. Of course I lost those pictures also. This was her first show with the new gym. She did a great job and had lots of fun. She’s made the transition to the new gym well, and she’s enjoying new friends.

* On a personal note, I am now through with two weeks of eating gluten free for fibromyalgia and migraines. I can really tell a difference. It is not like flipping a switch and having no pain, but there is a marked difference in the way I feel. Yesterday was especially busy- leaving the house at 8:30am for Kidshine and not returning until almost 8:30pm. I was hurting at night, but it was nothing like it would have been even a few weeks ago.  Instead of being reduced to tears and in extreme pain, it was more just a matter of taking something for pain and lying down.  I have had some bad headaches this week, but as I mentioned earlier, the weather is very unpredictable; and that is always a recipe for bad headaches.  I’m no longer very tempted to cheat and eat wheat – partly because I keep finding more and more that I CAN eat and partly because I see how it is helping, and I don’t want to ruin it.

* Next week we’ll have some down time, and we’ll do a few school related things. I have a few summer school goals, but I’m not planning a full unit study this summer. I have some interesting things in the works to review for the Schoolhouse Crew, and I’m looking forward to incorporating some of those.

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