Weekly Wrap Up: Mostly Done and Really Tired

I would like to write a cute and upbeat post tonight. I’d like to post some great pictures of all the wonderful and educational things we did this week in our homeschool.

The truth is we did some things:

* We finished up with the majority of our together work. We’ll still do some things through the summer- especially with curriculum I’m reviewing. But for the most part we are finished.

* We had our last Fun Friday today. It was a little sad to say goodbye to some of our friends that we might not see over the summer. But we also have had lots of fun, and we look forward to new classes in the fall.

* Tonight we had our children’s choir musical. It was very cute. Charles sang with the middle school group- Voices of Devotion- as the opening act. Ashlyne and Rachel were part of a dance group in the middle of the performance. It was a great performance, and the kids learned all year about the freedom they have in Christ when they have a relationship with Him.

But it’s hard to write that great wrap up post because physically I’m just done in. I spent the night Sunday in the ER with a horrible fibromyalgia flare up and a migraine. It was a bad ending to what had been a great homeschool convention weekend. (I haven’t even posted about that yet!). I decided that I had to try something else. So I made the decision to try going gluten free.

I’ve thought about it for quite a while now, but I’ve put it off. I like to eat only certain foods. I’m picky. And most of the foods contain gluten. So, I’ve gone without it for two whole days now. I can’t tell a difference in my pain level, but I sure am hungry.

So it’s hard to focus on that wonderful post I’d like to write. Instead I’ll be real. Homeschooling is great, but sometimes it’s hard- especially when life is hard.

But I was reminded by the performance tonight that I have freedom in Christ- even when I’m bound by this life and this body and this health. And I was also reminded that this world is not my home. There is something better coming, ya’ll. Much better.

And that’s why- even when there are weeks like this- homeschooling is worth it. I can teach my children so they will be prepared for what’s coming.

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