Weekly Wrap Up: No More School ?

We are mostly done with school. I say mostly because there are a few things we are going to continue with through the summer. And as a Schoolhouse Review Crew member, I’ll still have some curriculum to use over the summer as we review it.

This week, Kathryne and Ashlyne were the only ones who had schoolwork left. They were still finishing up independent work, but I think by this afternoon they are both finished. We did a few together things throughout the week, but we also chilled quite a bit and had some fun days.

Monday: We had our last science co-op meeting for the school year. We talked about Newton’s Laws of Motion and did experiments with all three. Charles and Rachel also went to swim. They are participating in summer swim team.

Tuesday: I went to a used homeschool curriculum sale. This was the first time this group had attempted to host a sale. There were quite a few sellers but, unfortunately, not so many buyers. I sold a few things, but I still had quite a few left.

Wednesday: We went to Discovery Place- our local science museum. We renewed out membership so that we can go this summer. We met friends there and had a really good time.

Thursday: Our morning was pretty calm. We worked on finishing up the book we’ve been going through for music- The Story of the Orchestra. I also plugged on with science with Ashlyne and Rachel. We’ve used Apologia’s astronomy this year, and even though we aren’t through, we are going to keep going into the summer. I love this book!  The little girls and I also worked on a web page design program that I’m reviewing soon. Thursday evening was the End of the Season Bash for the spring sports of our church’s sports program. Kathryne received a medal for volleyball.

Friday: Today we didn’t have anywhere to be until a volleyball game tonight. Ashlyne and Rachel and I read more of science and we continued on with the web page design course. We all worked together on another art lesson from the See the Light art program that I will be reviewing soon.

Next week will be a busy and fun week. It is Kidshine drama camp again, and this year all four children will be old enough to attend.

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