Weekly Wrap Up: Summer Fun and Summer School

It is most officially summer. We went from cool days and cold nights to temperatures in the 90s this week. That’s South Carolina for you.

We rested this week and had a slower week. We did do some school work. We’ll continue to do a little here and there over the summer. I didn’t really have a definitive plan/unit study until I found out about a review I have coming up for the Schoolhouse Review Crew. There is a very interesting looking literature/social studies unit we are going to be using which covers poetry and immigration. The immigration topic is right in line with the American history I hoped to brush up on this summer, so I am really looking forward to that. I’m also using Prima Latina for the little girls (a review) and finishing up their Apologia Astronomy. I have a computer course for Kathryne to look at. And I’m sure there will be other various school related things.

This week was a nice mix of rest and some school work.

Monday we headed out to the campground for a cookout. Jason’s brother and family are camping for the week, so we all gathered with them to cook out for Memorial Day. It’s my kind of camping- enjoy the campground and come home to bathe and sleep.

There was also some swimming going on this week. On Monday before the cookout, we went to the Y. I knew I wasn’t getting in because I like my pool water to be bath water. But the kids were going to be brave. It was awfully cold, and we ended up heading inside to swim. Charles and Rachel have been braving the cold water for a few weeks now for swim team, and on Thursday they had their first meet. They had a good time, but the water was still really cold!

On Wednesday we went to the skating rink for an outing with our co-op group. Even though many of the kids saw each other last week at Kidshine, they were so happy to get together. And I must admit that I haven’t seen the inside of the skating rink in a very long time. The sad thing is that it looks almost the same as it did that very long time ago!

As I mentioned, the little girls and I began using Prima Latina this week. I am really liking it and think it is going to be a good fit and that we will continue to use it in the new school year.

We also finished a really good book this week. The kids and I discovered The Penderwicks several years ago on audio CD. We listened to the first book, found a second and read it also. This year we found a third Penderwicks book in the library. We’ve been reading it together slowly but surely and finally finished it this week. We love, love, love the Penderwicks, a group of four sisters and their friends. They have great and funny adventures and always learn some life lessons along the way. I love the family emphasis. This one was a little more grown up- a dating relationship, the implications of a failed marriage; but we stilled loved it, and it was still family friendly.

Next week will probably be much of the same. Kathryne is going to be a counselor in training for ROAR- our sports outreach program, so she will be gone for some of the week.

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