Adventures of the Courtney Six: Geocaching and an Unplanned Road Trip

 Today was filled with two new adventures: one planned and one unplanned.

This morning we got up and headed to the library to learn how to geocache. If you’ve never done this, you are missing out. This was our first time. I’ve been reading up on it for years actually. Initially I was interested in Letterboxing which is the precursor of geocaching.

I enjoyed this so much, I am planning a whole post on how to get started with geocaching. But for now, if you want to know more check out this great website which talks about geocaching and will help you get started in your area.

Today’s adventure began in our local library. We had a group of geocachers there to teach us how to get started. They taught us what geocaching is and gave us some tips on getting started. Then they turned us loose to find five temporarily hidden caches. The caches contained a log book and some “Swag”- small items that the finder can take if he leaves something in return.

This was originally scheduled as a teen event at our library, but our amazing teen librarian allowed the entire families to come. We were matched with a geo caching leader who knew how the process worked. We had our whole family minus Jason and brought a friend.

After we were put into groups they gave the kids some “Swag” to trade with. Then we headed out to the caches.

One of the funniest things about this event was at the end. One of the geocachers had hidden a pin and given us the coordinates. Whoever marked the closest to the pin won a prize. The problem was that he couldn’t find the pin once the spots were marked! We spent quite a bit of time looking.

Our next adventure was unplanned. We headed up to Concord- about 45 minutes away- to look at RVs for a rental. We are headed to Disney in September with my parents, and we are hoping to rent an RV to take. I had looked up several RV rental sites, and we headed to Concord to look at them.

Unfortunately we had no luck. The first place we went had plenty of RVs- for sale. They informed us that they didn’t rent RVs from that site- only from their other site which is about 2 hours away.

The second site we headed to was closed- even though their hours were listed differently.

We gave up and headed toward home. We were hungry, so I used Yelp to look for a restaurant that might have gluten free options. (By the way, I’m eating gluten free. I plan to post about that later too.) I came up with a place called Pure Pizza.

We followed the directions, and when we found the place, it was inside a quaint farmer’s market in downtown Charlotte.

The pizza was great. There was a bakery with gluten free cupcakes. We found a chocolate vendor with some delicious truffles. There were fresh free range eggs, natural farm fresh beef, fresh produce, and several restaurant booths.

It was such a great find downtown. It was near Discovery Place- the science museum we are members of. The kids have big plans to go there when we are at Discovery Place. (They would also like to search for some of the caches in downtown Charlotte. We heard there were quite a few.)

We definitely have a good time everywhere we go- planned or not.

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