Blogging Through the Alphabet: O is for Organization

O is for Organization

I love to organize. My family thinks I'm crazy sometimes. There are many, many things I could post about organization. In fact, I could probably devote a whole blog just to the topic.

But for today's Blogging Through the Alphabet, I'm going to highlight a few of my favorite organization posts I've done and share some of my favorite organization resources.

My Posts:

Organize Your Life With Google series:
      Part One
      Part Two
      Part Three

Homeschool Planning


I'm an Organizing Junkie

Menus 4 Moms

Managers of Their Homes by the Maxwells

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  1. Organization is so not my thing. Off to read through your resources now.

  2. These are great resources! Thanks for putting them all together in one spot!

  3. I am not so organized! But one day I want to be better at it :)


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