Fun Summer Activities...Without Leaving Town

Sometimes it’s lots of fun to go on vacation in the summer. And we usually do. Thanks to a friend of Jason’s mom, we have the opportunity to go to the beach each year for the 4th of July.
But vacationing with four children isn’t always easy. And it is always expensive! So we also like to “staycation” by finding fun and inexpensive things to do around home in the summer.

Here are some of our favorites:

1. Museums- It is air conditioned. That should be convincing enough. When the weather is 100 degrees (or at least feels like it) I like to be indoors. We usually hold at least one museum membership. So going to the museum is a free and air conditioned activity.

2. Library Programs- Almost every library offers a summer reading program, and our library offers a host of free programs to go along with theirs. From magicians to puppets to drama to music, we have a library program each week. The best thing about these programs (besides the air conditioning) is that they are totally free.

3. Free or Cheap Summer Movies- Our local movie theater offers $1 movies each week in the summer. There are usually two movies to choose from each week. I know some theaters offer them free, but $1 isn’t bad. And did I mention it is air-conditioned? You can find a theater near you that has summer movies here.

4. Bowling- Some bowling alleys offer a kids bowl free program in the summer. Ours doesn’t. But they do have a summer “league” for kids that allows us to pay $7.50 for three games of bowling, shoes, a hotdog, chips, and a drink. And we only have to pay for weeks they bowl. Not a bad deal. And again with the air conditioning. Do you see a pattern here? You can find out if your local bowling alley participates in Kids Bowl Free here.

There is usually plenty to do around town to keep us busy. In fact, I’m usually busier than I planned to be. Summer seems awfully short when we stay busy all day every day. But we do love having places to go and things to do in the summer.

This post was originally linked to the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog cruise. You can read what other crew members do for fun in the summer here.


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