Organize Your Life With Google Pt. 3: Google Calendar

I cannot overstate how much I love Google for organizing. In part one of this series, I gave an overview of all of the wonderful features that I can use to organize my life with Google.

In part two, I wrote about the wonderful Google search engine.

Today’s post is going to be about what is perhaps my favorite Google feature- the calendar.

An overview of using Google calendar for organization

I must admit that I once was tied to my physical planner. Each year my heart thrilled when it was time to buy a new one. I loved them- the bigger the better. I carried my planner everywhere. I wrote everything in it faithfully.

And then the computer age dawned in my life, and I found Google calendar. I will never go back.

There are so many things that I can do with Google calendar that I can’t do with my old physical calendar.

1. I can share it with everyone in the family. I have my calendar shared with Jason’s email and with the older kids’ email. They can pull it up at any time to check on what the family plans are.

2. I can color code everyone’s information. I have a total of 13 calendars that I use regularly. I have one for each family member, one for meal planning, one for blogging, one for things due, one for birthdays, one for holidays, one for auto payments, and one for our whole family events. I can choose to show all calendars, some calendars or just one.

3. I can display or print hard copies of days, weeks, months, or an agenda list.

4. I can easily make an event repeat without having to write it in again and again.

5. I can change days or times or delete events without erasing or crossing out.

I typically use the Agenda view of my calendar because I can see each day at a glance for about three days out.

I also love the Tasks feature on the sidebar of the calendar. I have several different tasks lists including different upcoming weeks, a reviews due list, and a home improvement list.

 photo 15dafd07-ea28-4de4-9ff1-7f687785504c_zps5714f15a.jpg

If I’ve convinced you by now that Google calendar would be a wonderful addition to organize your life and home, you can watch this video tutorial to show you how to set it up. (This is not my tutorial, by the way; but it was a very good one that I found.)

In the next installment, I’ll share about Blogger- Google’s blog platform.

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