Review of the Lily Books- Amish Book Series for Girls From Baker Publishing Group

I’m always on the look out for good reads and read alouds for my younger girls. So I was excited to read and review two books from Baker Publishing Group.

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We received Life With Lily and A New Home for Lily, two Amish fiction books by Mary Ann Kinsinger and Suzanne Woods Fisher.

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I enjoy Amish fiction myself and have read several adult fiction books by Suzanne Woods Fisher.

In Life With Lily, we are introduced to five year old Lily Lapp and her Amish family in upstate New York. The book begins with a new baby in the Lapp family. Each chapter is a self-contained little story about the everyday events of Lily’s life. From family adventures to mischievous children to play with friends to first days of school, the stories of Lily’s life are stories to which any young child can relate. Life With Lily ends with an impending move by the family to Pennsylvania so that the Lapp can be close to extended family.

A New Home for Lily picks up at this transition. Just like the first book, this one is composed of short chapters- each one a mostly self-contained story. Although there is some mention of events in the first book, this one could easily be read independently. Lily and her brothers are older in this book, and there is a new Lapp baby introduced. As Lily has grown, so have her adventures. The stories in A New Home for Lily are, again, typical of everyday life for Amish children. Many of these stories focus on Lily’s adjustment to a new home, new school, and new friends.

Both books have a section at the end with information about Amish life. This is a nice little addition and is especially nice for sharing the book with children who may not know much about the Amish culture.

For the review, I read the books myself. I intend to share the first one as a read aloud with my younger girls- ages 9 and 7. Even though the chapters are short, the words are smaller; and the book itself is longer. I’m not sure that either of my younger girls read well enough to read them independently. My hope is that a read aloud will catch their interest and that they would want to pick up the second book for themselves.

Here are some of my favorite things about these books:

* I loved the simple pictures of everyday life in the Amish world. The stories revealed these sweet little snippets of Amish life.

* Lily was a great character for girls to relate to. Even though her culture was different from most girls who will be reading the books, the things that happen in her life are definitely things to which any little girls can relate.

* I really liked that the chapters were short and self-contained. This allows children to read short sections at a time and still be able to follow the story. It also makes the book really good to use as a read aloud.

* I liked the information about Amish life at the back of the book. I know my girls wouldn’t know much about the Amish, and this helps to give some background information to young readers.

Although I really enjoyed these and definitely intend to read them and allow my girls to read them, here are some things to consider:

* These books are definitely geared toward girls. It would be difficult for me to use them as a whole family read aloud because of this. I don’t think my son would be very interested in them.

* Although the first book was pretty lighthearted, A New Home for Lily was rather heavy at times. It seemed one thing after another was happening to poor Lily and her family. I wouldn’t let this keep me from reading it- just something to be aware of since it’s different than the first one.

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 I really enjoyed these and look forward to sharing them with my girls. Check out what other Review Crew members thought by clicking below.


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