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I consider myself a mixture of Classical and Charlotte Mason in my homeschool teaching style. I decided early on that I wanted to teach Latin. I recognize the importance of Latin in teachng English grammar and vocabulary. So I started my older children in Latin when they were 5th and 6th grades.

Now I’ve had the opportunity to review Prima Latina from Memoria Press. 

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 I received a student workbook, a teacher workbook, a DVD with all of the lessons taught by the course author, a CD with pronunciations, prayers, and songs, and vocabulary review cards. This set sells for $90.90. The student text, teacher text, and pronunciation CD sell for $32.95. The Prima Latina set is intended for young students grade 2-4.

 photo PL_completeSet_zps91680a55.pngI used a different Latin curriculum with my older students, so I was very interested to compare this one and use it with my younger children- grades 2 and 3.

We began by watching the Introduction and Lesson 1 on the DVD. I immediately liked that the introduction went over with the students in an easy to understand way the value of studying Latin. I’m not sure that my girls totally agreed. I was offering them just one more class to complete after all. But I do think it helpful to explain to the kids why we need to study a subject.

The girls didn’t really like watching the lesson on the DVD. It was a little slow. She used slides to go over the vocabulary, Latin vowel sounds, and the beginning of the prayer that the children are going to work on. The accent of the teacher (the curriculum author) on the DVD is pretty Southern. We are also Southern and have a pretty noticeable accent. But the girls didn’t like watching it on the DVD. I noticed that the DVD also has a link to a site where you can print out the slides. So, I planned to print the slides and teach lesson 2 on my own using the slides.

We completed watching the lesson on one day of instruction. On the next day of instruction, we looked at the workbook pages for Lesson 1. I liked the way the workbook was set up. There is a review section at the beginning of each lesson. There are opportunities for the students to answer questions, write the vocabulary words, and check off having listened to the pronunciation CD in every workbook lesson.

My 2nd grader is not a very good writer, and I wondered how she would do writing her answers in a workbook. The writing is just the right amount. It gives her plenty of practice in writing the words correctly but not so much writing that it is burdensome.

After the first lesson, I used the printed slides and taught the lessons myself to the girls. The lessons are easy even though I don’t know much Latin. The CD is very helpful in getting the right pronunciation, and the girls prefer my teaching to watching the DVD.

I really like this Latin curriculum. It is a better fit- especially for starting younger- than the curriculum I used with the older kids. I intend to continue with it in the fall for the younger girls.

Here are some of the things I especially like.:

* There are only a few vocabulary words in each lesson. It was enough to get them learning some vocabulary but not too much to overwhelm them.

* There are opportunities for them to write answers and write the words for review, but the writing is not too much, too burdensome.

* The pronunciation CD is very helpful for knowing how to pronounce the words and prayers.

* I like the distinctly Christian focus of the curriculum. We’ve learned words having to do with church and God, and they are learning parts of a prayer that they add to each week. The pronunciation CD also has Latin hymns.

* The lessons are easy for me to understand even with my small grasp of Latin. It would be easy for a parent with no Latin background to use this curriculum. And if you felt stuck, you have the DVD as an option for the teaching part.

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