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When I had the opportunity to review different products from Christianity Cove, I will admit that I had to look up the company online to find out what it was. From the website:

“Christianity Cove is your one-stop-shop for free Sunday School lessons, Bible games, crafts, skits and activities for Children’s Church. Our blog features hundreds of fresh, fun, and creative ideas for helping your students understand the Bible and relate it to their own lives. “

I was able to review two products from Christianity Cove:

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Daily Dilemmas: 26 Daily Devotionals for Kids – focused on kids 6-12- is an ebook that sells for $29.

The Lord’s Prayer Lesson Pack – also an ebook- sells for $39.99, but it appears that the site lists a special for a limited time for $19.99. There is no age listed for this pack, but according to the website, it is intended for use in a Sunday School class or children’s church.

I decided to us both of these with the whole family for our Bible time in the mornings. We began by using some of the devotions from Daily Dilemmas: 26 Daily Devotionals for Kids.

The book is set up with 26 readings. The table of contents at the beginning of the book tells the name of each devotional and what topics it addresses. Each reading presents a problem, gives a passage of Scripture to read, and gives four possible ways to deal with the problem. After discussing, readers can forward to the back of the book where the Reflection section takes a look at each of possible solutions and the Scripture and gives “the best” answer.

When I used it with my children, I read the problem allowed, had the kids take turns looking up the Scripture, and then read the possible solutions for us to discuss. After discussion, I read the Reflection section aloud and we talked about their “best” answer.

Here is what I liked:
* I liked the set up of the book with the dilemma, the Scripture, and the Reflections.

* I liked that the possible solutions were preceded by the Scripture reading. This teaches kids to look for the answers to their problems in Scripture.

* I liked that the kids were told to rate the possible solutions from better to worse. This teaches that there could be other possible solutions, but some solutions are better than others.

What I didn’t like:
* The problem scenarios were not always appropriate for the recommended age. For example, the first problem scenario centered around two girls shopping at the mall. I don’t know many 6-12 year olds who would be hanging out shopping with friends at the mall. One of the scenarios dealt with girls at a slumber party playing “Bloody Mary” and addressed the issue of demonic activity. This is not something I think would be appropriate for many children in the 6-12 age range.

* Very few of the solutions involved including parents in the solution. In fact some of the solutions had a child going to another adult- teacher, coach- on his/her own to solve the problem without addressing parents at all. This is not our family philosophy at all. In our family we emphasize the importance of our relationship with our kids. We emphasize that they can -and should -come to us to help them deal with the things they encounter.

I do realize that there is some value in discussing problems/solutions even if I don’t agree with the solutions offered. It gave me an opportunity to talk with the kids about why I didn’t agree with the solutions and to look at the Scripture offered and discuss a better solution. I also was careful about which dilemmas I chose to read aloud, so I could make sure they were age appropriate.

After we had spent some time with the Daily Dilemmas… book, we took some time to study the Lord’s Prayer with the Lord’s Prayer Lesson Pack.

This lesson pack has an object lesson, several games, several crafts, snack suggestions, songs, and various other activities to teach young children about the Lord’s Prayer.

This pack was definitely intended for use in a Sunday School or Children’s Church, so it took some adapting to use it in a family homeschool setting. It is very detailed in instruction with materials specified, lessons laid out, even bold words to show exactly what should be said. I read through the lessons and did some of the activities with the kids. But I didn’t read all the bold words word for word.

What I liked:
* There were a variety of activities. This would be good if you were using this with a large group because children learn differently, and different things would be meaningful for different kids.

* If I were using this as a curriculum for a Sunday School or Children’s Church, I would appreciate the detailed instructions and materials lists.

My Big Dislike:
* My primary problem with this curriculum was a disagreement with doctrine. There were quite a few statements made about prayer that I was not in agreement with. Because of this, there was much of the material that I didn’t read to my kids and some of what I read, I read so that we could discuss why I didn’t agree with it.

I agreed with the company’s Statement of Faith. So I’m not sure how you would know about some of these doctrinal/philosophy issues unless you actually purchased and read the material.

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