Weekly Wrap Up: Another Busy Week

Do you ever get tired of reading that intro. from it- “It was another busy week.” Believe me, I get tired of writing it. Unfortunately I haven’t gained the wisdom to begin saying, “No” so that I won’t be in this constantly busy world. So, here goes (she says resignedly). “It was another busy week.”

On Monday, Kathryne and Rachel headed off to cheer camp. I mentioned week before last that Kathryne had loved her first week of being a Counselor in Training. So we signed Rachel up as a cheer camper this week, and they headed off together.

I had planned to take Charles and Ashlyne to the bowling alley for the Monday kids league, but they voted that they were rather use the money and buy a craft to do from Michaels. So We headed that way and finished off the morning with Sweet Frog top your own yogurt because I had a gift card.

Monday night was the last swim meet for Charles and Rachel. The weather didn’t stop them this time, but Charles didn’t get to swim. He had been nursing a headache since Sunday night, and it was too bad for him to swim Monday night. He did get to partake of the closing ice cream party.

Rachel came in 2nd in both of her heats Monday!

On Tuesday, I headed to the gym with Ashlyne. I decided to wait for her and not go home. It’s always a thing to ponder. The gym is about 30 minutes from home. Practice is 3 hours. If I take her and come, I make it home by 9:30. I have two hours before I have to leave and go back. So, do I come home or do I stay? Tuesday Charles was going to bowl with my brother-in-law and nephews, so I opted to take my computer to Earth Fare and get some blogging done ahead of time since we have a vacation coming up.

After Charles got home from bowling and Ashlyne from gym, they both went to my mom and dads to spend the night. Kathryne was at the Counselor hang out for the week, and Jason stayed with her. So Rachel was an only child. We chilled and watched a movie while we were home alone.

Rachel and I made gluten free biscuits while she was an only child.

On Wednesday I had a morning with no children. Jason had been taking Kathryne and Rachel in the morning, and the others were with my mom. I had time to just chill (and do some social media things). I picked Ashlyne up, left Charles with my dad, picked up the other girls, and then took Ashlyne to the gym for a private lesson. It was busy, busy. But our evening was pretty low key. Charles and Jason went to Carowinds, and the girls and I hung out.

On Thursday, we did the camp, gym round again. Then we had friends come over. We have good friends who have been gone for over a month traveling. Now we are headed on vacation soon, and the kids will be apart again. So we wanted them all to have time together. They were so glad to be reunited Thursday.

On Friday, I was the one to get up and take the girls because Jason has to go to work really early on Friday. I hung out and read at the library because today was parent day at camp, and I was able to go watch Rachel cheer! After I picked them up, we headed home, I got a much needed nap, and our friends came over again for play and supper.

Rachel the cheerleader

Tomorrow I have big plans to sleep late.

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