Weekly Wrap Up: Great Wolf and Summer Time

This week felt like the true beginning of summer vacation. Although our church school was out two weeks ago, the local public schools were out this week.

On Sunday, we had a Summer Kickoff for our church children. There were two giant water slides, hotdogs, bubbles, and cake. The weather held out just long enough for everyone to have a good time.

On Monday we headed to Great Wolf Lodge. This is a little later than we usually go to homeschool week in May. There was some confusion about homeschool week. Our local lodge in Concord, NC has had a homeschool week every May, September, and December since we’ve been going for the last few years. I called about the May week back in January because I hadn’t heard anything after our December week. I was told that they weren’t doing homeschool weeks anymore but that I could still have the homeschool discount. The discount is nice- but not as good as the homeschool week deal. Jason and I decided to wait until this first week of June because May is an awfully hard time for him to be able to go.

After I booked our trip, I received an email about homeschool week in May! I talked to the sales rep that we’ve talked to before, and she kindly agreed to give us the better homeschool week deal for out trip this week.

We headed off on Monday morning. The weather was nice. The outdoor pool was open. And we had lots of fun. Tuesday morning Charles was sick. Thankfully we live pretty close by, so Jason took him home to stay with my dad for the day, and he was able to come back and enjoy the afternoon with the girls. By Tuesday evening, Charles was feeling much better.

On Wednesday and Thursday we didn’t have much going on. We had some lazy mornings. Everyone pretty much stayed in pjs. Charles and Rachel had swim team on Wednesday evening, but Thursdays meet was canceled due to storms.

Ashlyne had gymnastics on Thursday afternoon. This was the last class before the summer schedule starts.

We did manage to get a little school work done. I’m using Prima Latina – which I’ll be reviewing soon- with the little girls, and I love it. You can tell by Ashlyne’s expression that she wasn’t thrilled about school work at all that day. But we are liking the Latin program. I’m planning to use it for review this summer and then continue with it in the fall.

Beginning Thursday afternoon, Kathryne spends the weekend in training to be a Counselor in Training for our ROAR sports camps this summer. Although she loves working with little kids, the camp experience is new to her. She is being stretched by spending full days in training and early mornings and all day with a group of other people. She will work two weeks of half day camp.

Yesterday some homeschool friends gave us a box of craft things and toys they were cleaning out. It was like Christmas for the little girls who spent yet another day in pjs and played with the new play sets all morning.

Next week will be a little strange because Kathryne will be gone every morning. I’m not sure we’ll accomplish any school work; although I have a few things I’d like for us to work on.

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