Weekly Wrap Up: I Feel Like the Energizer Bunny

Remember those old commercials with the Energizer Bunny- “It keeps going and going and …”  That’s what I feel like at the end of another busy week. No lazy, hazy days of summer around here. Although it has finally decided to get warm consistently and feel like summer.  This week was almost as busy as last week. Next week looks almost as busy. And then we go to the beach! I can’t believe July is almost upon us!

On Monday, we all headed to the church in the morning. Kathryne and I are directing our preschool choir for the fall, so we were meeting with our Children’s Ministry Director and Children’s Choir Director to plan. We are both looking forward to this. I plan to give Kathryne the reins and let her do most of the planning. She is very good with this age group, and she’s also very good at planning things out.

Monday afternoon Charles went to Carowinds with Jason’s brother and wife and my niece. He was the good big cousin and rode all the little kiddie rides with his cousin.

On Tuesday Ashlyne had gymnastics. I didn’t stick around for her whole practice time. Instead I came home and did some school work with the other three. I am really enjoying a product called Moving Beyond the Page that I am going to be reviewing soon.

Wednesday was one of our craziest days. Ashlyne headed off to a class at the gym with my mom. I took the other three kids- and a friend- to the $1 movie. We saw Parental Guidance, and I was a sobbing, gooey mess the last thirty minutes. It’s a wonderful, moving, emotional movie.

In the afternoon we went to the library for a summer reading program. One of the best fun and free things to do around town in the summer is go to the library summer reading programs. We have everything from plays to puppets to musicians. This week’s show was a musician playing “mountain music.” He played the fiddle, the banjo, a homemade dulcimer, a jaw harp, and a guitar. We took my little niece, and the girls loved having a real live baby doll.

Wednesday evening, Charles and Rachel had swim, and we went early, so they could swim with their cousins. The swim season has been sporadic because of bad weather.

Thursday I had a doctor’s appointment early. It was rather frustrating because the doctor that needed to do my procedure wasn’t there. But scheduling didn’t realize it, so they scheduled me to come in. I’m supposed to be trying botox for my migraines, and only one doctor in the practice does it. So, my doctor’s trip was mostly wasted, but I did get to hit Earth Fare to stock up for the beach. Then I waited around to pick up Ashlyne at the gym.

Thursday evening was a swim meet. Both Charles and Rachel swam well. Charles won first in both of his heats- breast and freestyle. Rachel won first in back stroke.

I’m convinced that one reason I can do weeks like this now is because I’ve gone gluten free. I’m going to write a post soon about my gluten free journey. But I can tell a definite improvement in my fibromyalgia pain eating gluten free. Jason skipped the swim meet because he was cutting grass. But when I got home, he had this delicious gluten free dinner that he had made up from scratch.

Today- Friday- we got up in the morning and went to the pool to swim with cousins again. We spent a couple of hours there until they evacuated the pool. We couldn’t see the reason for sure, but it was enough to make us leave.

Tonight for supper, I made one of Jason’s favorites gluten free. I wasn’t sure how country style steak would turn out with the gluten free flour. But it was really good. I think the gravy was some of the best I’ve ever made!

Tomorrow we can (hopefully) sleep in. Then we have a birthday party for my nephew’s 21st birthday.

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