Weekly Wrap Up: Mom's Taxi Service

This was the first official week of summer schedules, and I think I’m already exhausted. I joked with my kids all week about Mom’s Taxi Service, but there was more than a little truth in the statement.

All four kids had quite a few things going on this week.

Kathryne- She was a Counselor in Training with ROAR, our church’s sports outreach program. The camp this week was cheer, soccer, and football; and Kathryne was with the younger girls doing cheer. This turned out to be a great experience for her. She wasn’t sure how she would like it because she’s not really a big sports person, but she loves helping with younger kids. Last week she spent two and half days in training and liked that much more than expected. And this week she faithfully got up early every morning and very cheerfully went to camp.

Charles- He saved his money for a season’s pass to Carowinds. Two of his friends have them, and we agreed he could go with them if he bought his own pass. Jason ended up buying a pass for himself also so that they could go together. Tuesday, Charles went with a friend, and today he and Jason went again.
On Mondays Charles (and Kathryne) are going to bowl with their cousins. Our local alley has a very loose summer kids league that ends up being a really good price- much cheaper than normal costs, so even though we don’t have the Kids Bowl Free deal, it is a pretty good thing.
Charles is also still swimming on the summer swim team at the Y. He practiced on Monday and Wednesday this week, but Thursday’s meet was canceled as soon as it began because of a storm.

Ashlyne- She started her summer gymnastics schedule this week. She will practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays for three hours and will do a private lesson once a week. She loves being there. I think she would go even more often if she could.
Ashlyne, Rachel, and I had some time without big kids this week. We went to the summer reading kickoff at the library on Monday and to the pool without them Tuesday evening. It feels strange to be without my big kids and makes me especially thankful that we homeschool, so that we can all be together.

Rachel- She is also doing summer swim team at the Y. She was especially disappointed to miss the meet on Thursday. I’m hoping they can make them up.
With only Rachel and Ashlyne at home, we had time to finish up our science curriculum. We finished up our reading about the solar system. I posted about our Apologia science curriculum on this Apologia Year End Round Up post.

Next week Kathryne will be home- no camp- so I’m hoping Mom’s Taxi Service won’t be quite as busy.

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