Apologia Lapbooks!!!

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Recently I participated in an Apologia Year End Round Up. If you missed it, you should know that I have loved Apologia’s science books for our schooling. I am especially fond of the elementary science curriculum.

This year, Ashlyne and Rachel and I studied astronomy with Apologia’s Exploring Creation With Astronomy.

In the fall I am planning to use Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day with the girls.
We also enjoy lapbooking in our homeschooling. If you’ve never heard of lapbooking, it’s a sort of scrapbook, learning tool that utilizes small books cut and colored and pasted in file folders to make a book (that fits on your lap!). We’ve done lapbooks for literature units, history, science, and even Bible. My older kids still enjoy them occasionally, and the younger two love lapbooking because it is a crafty way to learn ,and they are all about crafting.
I’ve known that A Journey to Learning carried lapbooks to correspond with Apologia’s elementary science curriculum, and I’ve looked at them longingly a few times. So I was excited to note that right now A Journey to Learning has a 50% off sale on all of their instant downloads- including Apologia lapbooks!
So, right now, I could get the instant download of my lapbook for around $8! That’s a good deal.
If you are an Apologia user, check out the sale. And if you’ve never tried lapbooking, give it a whirl. The lapbooks from A Journey to Learning give you step by step instructions to get you started even if you’ve never done it before.  Chances are your kids will love it- especially if you have crafty kids.

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