Blogging Through the Alphabet: S is for Search

I’m going to post even more about my new favorite pastime today. S can’t be for geocaching, but I have this figured out. Are you ready?

S is for Searching. And for Scavenger Hunt.

I’ve been posting a bit about geocaching. If you don’t know what it is, I posted an explanation and a little bit about how to get started here.

We use the website. There is a corresponding app.

So here is how it works:

We pick a cache by pulling up a map on the website. For the caches we found yesterday and today, I had pulled up a map of the Manchester Park area because I knew there were some caches hidden there. The website shows important information such as the size of the cache, a description of the area, and the difficulty of the cache as well as what type of cache it is. There can be regular caches, mystery caches involving clues, and temporary caches just placed for a certain event.

Once we know which cache or caches we want to find I put them on my watch list. That way I can pull them up on my app when we get to the location.

I pull up the cache, and then choose to navigate to the cache. There are several choices of navigation tools. We use the compass. When we get a little more series, I want to get a handheld GPS. Right now the phone is fine. But occasionally cell phone service can be limited, and the phone isn’t as accurate as a true GPS.

When we get within 10 meters or so, we begin searching around, using what we know about the size and the description to help us.

This afternoon we found three caches in Manchester. Two were fairly easy. The third one was marked as a 3.5 out of 5 difficulty, and I didn’t really expect to find it. Charles won the day, however, and found the elusive cache just when I would have given up. I can’t give  you much description in case a local reader ever wants to go look. But, it was a very fun- though difficult- cache to find.

It’s my new favorite hobby. There is a thrill to the hunt and a rush when you get the find. It’s shame it’s taken me until this point of my life to find this, but I’m happy that the kids get to learn to do it. And Charles and Rachel especially have taken right to it.

We’ll be heading back to the park soon. There is one more cache- a mystery cache- that is recorded. I’m looking forward to the search!

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