Our Top 5 Ways to Beat the Heat

It’s awfully hot here in the South in the summertime. Playing outside in the heat of the day doesn’t happen very often. Instead we have to think of cool, indoor things to fill our time- not just t.v. and video games. So here are our family’s top five ways to beat the summer heat.

1. Cheap Movies. Our local Regal Cinemas offers $1 movies on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. It’s much cooler in the movie theater.

2. Swimming. Whether it is indoors or out, swimming is a great way to stay cool.

3. Library Programs. Almost every library offers a summer reading program. Ours offers weekly events as well as prizes for time read.

4. Crafting. There’s nothing like getting out all kinds of craft supplies and seeing what comes out.

5. Playing in the Rain. Sometimes the greatest thing after days of heat is playing in a cooling rain.

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