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I gave a little teaser of this review in my post here on couponing. I’ve had a great time reading this book from Christi the Coupon Coach and getting re-energized  about using coupons and saving money.

 photo christithecouponcoachlogo_zpsbe2a70cc.pngWe received Couponing Made Simple from Christi the Coupon Coach. The book sells for $18.00 as a paperback and $4.99 for an ebook. I was able to see both books, and I really liked having the physical book as a resource because it seemed easier to look at the physical book while implementing the ideas.

 photo christithecouponcoachbook_zpsfd7911d1.jpgI’ve been couponing for a while now, but there are many times that I just feel as if I’m not saving as much as I could. I was very interested to find out if I could learn new tips that would help me save more.

From the beginning, Christi introduces a new style of organizing the coupons than what I’ve previously used. Her method made lots of sense, so I reorganized and set up my system in the way she details.

 Christi’s book also recommends getting as many papers as there are members in your family so that you have the coupon inserts. I hadn’t heard this tip, so I stepped up the number of papers we were getting.

The book spells out in a step by step manner exactly how to get started using coupons and saving money. I followed the steps, skimming over some of things I already did and redoing things I wanted to do differently.

One thing that Christi mentions in the book is that she has her children involved in the process of organizing and clipping coupons. I haven’t done a very good job with this. But I got my daughter involved this time, and she enjoyed the sorting of the insert pages. She especially likes the idea that if we can match sales and coupons she can get special make up or beauty items that I wouldn’t normally buy.

Christi recommends using a local site to match sales and coupons. She doesn’t give readers any suggestions of sites but does tell how to go about searching for them. I happen to have a local site that I’ve been using quite a while. It really helps to know that someone else is doing the work of finding the sales and match ups for me.

***A word from Christi: This page shows a whole list of sites that Christi recommends for finding coupon match ups. It also has some sites for finding deals on organic foods and foods for special diets!***

Christi explains some things in the book that helped me to understand some things I’ve never understood. She talks in detail about “stacking coupons,” a concept I’ve had trouble grasping. She also talks about using “blinkies” – the little coupons that come from the little machines in the store aisles.

In the book, Christi recommends keeping track of the savings you earn. Sharing this can encourage others. (And it is an encouragement to me to keep going!) So, the weekend that I finished the book and reorganized my system, I set out to Harris Teeter with a coupon list and a stack of coupons. I saved over $100 on this trip! And I was able to get lots of great groceries.

I’ve made a realization that I am not ever going to get some of the extreme savings that some couponers get for three main reasons:

1. My husband and I eat gluten free for health reasons. Gluten free items are not cheap. And there are usually not many coupons for them. I’m learning to get around this somewhat by eating things that are just naturally gluten free instead of buying everything that is a gluten free substitute.

2. I buy quite a bit of organic and natural foods. Unfortunately those things often cost more and have fewer coupons. But I can find some coupons, and even our local Earth Fare has come coupons and sales.

3. We are “brand snobs” with a few items. Jason has skin sensitivities, so we only use certain soaps and fabric softeners. I’ve been eating lots of cheese since going gluten free, and I like certain brands and not others. The way to get around this is to stock up on those things even more heavily when I do find coupons.

Even though those things may keep me from getting the extreme savings, reading Couponing Made Simple fired me up, and I’ve definitely noticed some deeper savings using Christi’s methods.

One of the best things about this book for me really doesn’t have anything to do with couponing. At the end of the book, Christi shares the gospel clearly and concisely. I really, really appreciated this. There are many folks who don’t have a personal relationship with Christ who may pick up this book. I appreciate that Christi uses this book to share the gospel with them.

I’m looking forward to more and more savings as I continue to implement more of the ideas from the book.

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