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Website logo photo circletimelogo2_zps58ab71e5.jpg Even though I have kids of various ages, I’ve always enjoyed having some things we did together at the start of the school day. I feel as if it just helps us to “connect” before we all go our separate ways.

We had the opportunity to review Circle Time by Kendra Fletcher from Preschoolers and Peace. Don’t be misled by the Preschoolers and Peace name. Although the site does have some great ideas for homeschooling with preschoolers, Circle Time talks about the things you can all do together as a family- no matter how old or young.

Circle Time comes as an ebook instantly downloadable in PDF format for $4.99. It is filled with ideas for a daily Circle Time as well as some printable planner sheets.
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We have used many ideas from the book for as long as we’ve been homeschooling. But the information that Kendra gives is good for newbies to the idea of Circle Time and those of us who have been using a form of Circle Time for quite a while.

She begins by describing exactly what Circle Time is. She talks about the benefits of having this daily Circle Time as a family. We have experienced a closeness as a family. Because we do Bible time together, we get to pray together and discuss God’s Word. When we do some academic subjects together, the younger kids learn so much from the older kids.

Then Kendra gives some strategies for planning your circle times. There is some detailed information about what to do to get started if you’ve never done a Circle Time. And at the end there are some printables to use in structuring your Circle Time.

Then she addresses how to get your kids on board to do Circle Time.

I could relate to this because I now have kids who range in age from 14 to 7. There are occasionally times that I hear complaints from my older kids. Most of the time, however, they just go along with it because it is what we’ve always done. Kendra mentions that also- that it is easier when it is all kids have known. We’ve done this gathering together always, so it all my kids have known. The older kids also see the benefits that come with it- being together as a family, praying together, spending time together. So even though they may offer halfhearted complaints, they are pretty happy to do it.

If you haven’t always done a Circle Time, Kendra gives ideas for helping your big kids want to have a time together each day.

Kendra also includes questions from moms about implementing a Circle Time in their families. This section will be especially helpful for those wanting to get started with this idea but not sure how to begin. She points out through this question section and through a section of real life stories of family Circle Times that everyone’s Circle Time won’t look the same. Your family’s time will evolve to fit your family.

Because this together time has been so valuable to our family, I was pleased to see the Circle Time book. I think it’s a valuable resource to help families plan this time.

Typically we have done these subjects together- Bible, history, art, music, Shakespeare, science (when the kids were younger), and some special unit studies or lapbooks. This year will be a little different for us because Kathryne is in high school. She will do most of her subjects independently. I do plan on keeping at least Bible time as a together time. We have always started the school day with Bible. So I think we can keep that and be able to have that time to connect as we get started.

Art is always fun to do together:

History projects are more fun when we do them together.

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