The Love of God

Last week was our church VBS week. This year we traveled to Athens with a Group Publishing VBS designed to take kids to listen to Paul’s story each day. As the kids learned how God knew Paul by name, they also learned that God knows them by name.

By the final day of VBS, I’m always pretty tired. This year we did something a little different with the gospel presentation to the kids. We had them come to the chapel by age groups, and our children’s ministry director gave them an object lesson with a presentation of the gospel. I had served in the craft room all week, so on this final day, the craft helpers were to go be available in the chapel to talk with any kids who had questions. I’ll admit that I was happy about this because I could just hang out in one place and sit and rest.

The first of group of kids came in- 2nd graders- and our speaker began sharing the gospel with an object lesson. To be honest I wasn’t paying close attention. I know the gospel message, and I am a Christian. But as the lesson went on, I was drawn in. And I was struck with the immensity of God’s grace and His amazing love for me.

Here is the compelling illustration she used:

Imagine that all of the wrong things we do are recorded in books. Every time I was unkind. Every word that was hurtful. Every lie. Every wrong thought. Every single sin. I know that I would have book after book full of sins.

Now imagine that God asks Jesus to do the same. His book would be empty. Absolutely empty. He is the only person who has ever lived on earth and had no sin. Not one.

Now my life ends and I stand before God (as the Bible says we all will). He asks to see my many books of sin. As He reflects upon them, the disappointment is evident in His eyes. He finishes reading and looks up to pronounce judgement.

 But before He speaks, Jesus steps in. And He speaks to God- “Wait a minute, Father. When I walked on earth, I died on the cross to pay for her sins. I know her by name. Give me her books, and take mine instead. Judge her on mine.”

When our speaker came to this part, I got chills. Tears came to my eyes. The gospel was fresh and new to me. The amazing sacrifice that Jesus made for me- for me!- is so incredible. He took those books and books and books full of my sin. And He gave me His sin free book so that God sees me with no sin.

His grace is so absolutely amazing. His love is incredible. He knows my name, and He died for me.


The other incredible things about this Bible school is that one of my very favorite songs of all time was one of the songs- The Love of God. The melody was changed up just a little, and only one verse was used; but it is the same classic hymn I’ve loved. I used to sing it to my children when I rocked and walked them as babies. I loved hearing them and all of our kids singing it this week.

Seventeen children and one youth helper made professions of faith this week. And my faith was renewed and refreshed. I was brought face to face with the amazing love and grace of God. And that’s what VBS should be all about.

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