To Geocache in the Rain

Last month, the kids and I went to a geocaching event at our library. We learned the basics of geocaching, and I blogged about it here.

Charles and I found a cache in the park at the beach. It was pretty unexpected. I put in a search in the geocache app on my phone and discovered a very close by cache. We took off, not expecting to find it, and found it!

This afternoon I searched for local caches and found quite a few. We picked one in a local park to focus on and set out.

We arrived and parked and turned on the compass. The cache seemed to be in the other parking lot, a good distance away, but we took off. We felt the first spatter of raindrops when we were about halfway there. By the time we reached the other parking lot, the rain was pouring and we were drenched.

Brave and fearless geocachers, we didn’t give it. The directions indicated that the cache was near the parking lot, so we were searching the bushes along the edge.

A few of us were tempted to give up when the lightening and thunder started, and I led us pretty far astray at one point. But we pressed on. And finally, soaking wet, shivering with the cold, and trying to avoid the lightening strikes, we found it! Charles was the first one to spot the box. He opened it, and we signed the log and traded out some swag we had brought.

We were a little wet and bedraggled, but most of us were pleased with our trip. I love this sport/hobby. The thrill of the hunt and the excitement of finding the cache is so great!

I plan to keep on caching. There is at least one more in the park, and Charles and I intend to find it. I think Rachel might be a cacher also. But Kathryne and Ashlyne were done with the weather and the woods.

Later this week, I hope to go back to find that next cache! But I think I’ll wait until it isn’t raining.

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