Weekly Wrap Up: Almost the End of Summer!

I was shocked this week to get an email from Ashlyne’s gym with the FALL hours. Is it really almost the official end of summer?! Our church’s school starts back week after next, and the local public schools are soon to follow. We are beginning the same week, but we always start early.

I was also reminded of the passage of time this week when my oldest turned 14 on Sunday. 14! I cannot be old enough to have a 14 year old child. I can remember when my children were babies. I always thought I wouldn’t like this age. I loved babies and young kids, but middle schoolers and teenagers just weren’t my thing. I couldn’t anticipate how great it would be. I love having these older kids. They can talk and discuss life with me. They have their own ideas and opinions. Yes, sometimes we butt heads, but I love it!

We kept on with some of our review things for school. I am especially liking the Study Skills lapbook from Hands of a Child. I’m looking forward to reviewing this one!

We also did some swimming this week. On Tuesday we went up to a YMCA in Charlotte- about 40 minutes away. It has a huge water park, and we were able to use our local Y membership to go swim there. We went with cousins, and the kids had lots of fun.

Last night we went to our local Y. It was a little cold for me, but Jason was able to come, and the kids enjoyed that.

Tonight, the two little girls are spending the night with a friend for a birthday, and tomorrow we are celebrating Kathryne’s birthday with a mystery party. So it’s a weekend of birthday parties.

Next week, I’m working on having everything organized to begin our regular school work. I’m looking forward to getting back into a regular routine.

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