Weekly Wrap Up: Beach Vacation

Well, no real school work went on this week. But, we did have lots of fun and real life learning. This was our vacation week at the beach.

Each year we spend the week of the 4th at the beach with Jason’s family. It’s one of the most crowded weeks, but it is a free place to stay for us. So we put up with the crowd.

My wrap up this week is in pictures. Here’s all the fun we had.

Camp Courtney: We stay in the basement of the family house. Because we are the largest family, we take up lots of space.

Lots of fun: We played at the park, danced on the beach, had ice cream, shopped at Barefoot Landing, and played mini golf. Also, I didn’t get a picture of it, but Charles and I found our very first independent geocache at the park! I looked up local caches on my Geocaching.com app, and we followed the directions to find a hidden cache! It was great, and I am hooked.

Playing on the beach: Always the highlight of our trip, the rain kept us from spending much time at the beach the first few days. But the kids did manage to get in some body boarding and sand play.

Next week we’ll be back into a good routine, and I have some really exciting review products that we are going to be working on including a very cool looking Bible curriculum and Notgrass history.

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