Weekly Wrap Up: Movie Week

This week was pretty laid back. Other than our normal running around- kids in various places, we didn’t have too much to do. We did manage to get in some school work. I have some really good reviews going on right now, and we worked on those things. We also had some time to swim. And it was movie week because three kids saw two movies at the theater this week and Charles saw one more! That’s pretty big stuff for a family that rarely goes to the theater. We also rented a movie on Amazon to watch as a family.

Over the weekend, I took all the kids to see Despicable Me2. I loved the first one and hoped this one wouldn’t disappoint. It didn’t. I may have loved this one even more. It’s a close call.

On Tuesday, Charles went with Grandmommy to see The Lone Ranger. She rotates through the kids, and this was his turn. He loved it. I’d like to see it also, but I don’t think I need to go to the theater.

On Wednesday, Grandmommy took all of the older grandkids to see Monster’s University. This is another one that I really want to see. The kids had all good things to say about it.

Wednesday night we had planned to swim, but the weather didn’t cooperate. So we rented Oz, the Great and Powerful. Only Kathryne had seen it before. She recommended it and had liked it. But I really didn’t like it. I won’t ruin it if you haven’t seen it. But other than one or two parts, it was a let down.

Other than the movies:

Monday- We did some school work together, working on the Notgrass American History that I am reviewing. I am really enjoying the curriculum. and it really fit us perfectly because I wanted to cover some American history this summer. I also worked with Ashlyne and Rachel on Bible Study for All Ages- another one I’m reviewing that we are all enjoying. Monday evening we met cousins to swim at the Y.

Tuesday- Charles was going to the movies with Grandmommy and Ashlyne had gym in the morning, so we didn’t do much school work.

Wednesday- All of the kids went to see Monster’s University with their cousins, and I ran some errands and got groceries. I also go to have lunch out by myself. That was the night it really stormed, and we ended up renting OZ.

Thursday- We watched a science video about birds that I am reviewing. Even though there was a little grumbling from the big kids, I think they all ended up liking the video, and even I learned a few things about birds. Ashlyne, Rachel, and I did another Bible study lesson. And then all of the girls did an art project from a Global Art book I’m reviewing. Tuesday afternoon, Charles and Jason went to Carowinds with a church group and Ashlyne had gym.

Friday- Today we’ve just been hanging around. The little girls are heading off with some friends for Build-A-Bear birthday fun. And Charles, Kathryne, and I are going to work on a study skills lapbook I’m reviewing. Tonight, Jason and I have some date night time because the big kids are going to a movie night at a friend from church’s. (Another movie!)

I know the kids aren’t ready to jump back in full swing, but I’m looking forward to the days that are going to be a little more structured and routine!

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