Weekly Wrap Up: Vacation Bible School and a Little School

This week was one of our favorite weeks in the summer- Vacation Bible School! We look forward to this every year as a family.

By now, my two older kids are helpers in VBS. Kathryne helped with the 3s class this year so that she could be with my little niece. Charles helped with games for the elementary school kids. Ashlyne and Rachel were both in classes, but it amazes me that Ashlyne only has one more year of VBS!

I helped in the crafts area again this year. I enjoy that, and with my fibromyalgia it is hard to walk around all day. Being in the craft area allows me to sit down. It also allows me to be able to see all of the kids as they come through.

VBS is always a special fun time as we all celebrate together the love of God. Today the kids friends came home with us and went back tonight for our end of the week celebration.

Even though we were in Bible School for the mornings, we did manage to do some school work. I’m reviewing several products right now, and two of them are especially exciting.

We are working on Notgrass’s American history, and we are really enjoying it. I love the reading and the US map work. I am very excited about posting a review of this one for you in a few weeks. I’m also excited that we are covering some American history. Because we follow a Classical cycle, we focus on world history. I like this and wouldn’t change it, but I have done some American history in short units along the way. This Notgrass course is a great one- designed to be a full year course, and I am using it as a summer history course for us.

The other product that the kids have been excited about is the Bible Study for All Ages that I am reviewing with Ashlyne and Rachel. It is always great when the kids ask to do school, and they’ve asked about this one this week. It is super fun for them as well as being a great inductive Bible study.

Next week we don’t have too much extra scheduled, so I’m hoping we will have the opportunity to dive into these fun courses even more.

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