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A question I am frequently asked by folks who know we homeschool: “What do you do all day?” This is sometimes followed by, “How do you fit it all in?” But most often I hear, “Do homeschoolers really finish all their work by noon?”  So here it is folks- A Day in the Life. Today represents a pretty typical day. There is not often a day that we are home all day. There are some days I do more housework and some days I do less. There are some days that we have more outside activities. But, a view of our day today should give you a pretty good idea of what, exactly, happens around here most days. Keep in mind that all homeschoolers don’t do it this way. Homeschooling is all about doing what fits your family. This is works for us (most of the time).

I’ve never been an early bird, and with my fibromyalgia now, I do not function well in the mornings. So we have a pretty good routine. The bigger kids who both like to get up and shower in the morning set an alarm and get up when Jason is getting up early. The little girls will wake up around that time, and all four kids get up and start getting their breakfast. When I get up by 8:30, the older kids have finished breakfast and are dressed, and the little girls are usually getting breakfast.

As I eat breakfast, I check my email. Then I do some picking up, start laundry, and load the dishwasher. The kids are supposed to be ready to start at 9:30.

We start school together with devotions and prayer. Right now we are reading Seed Sowers– a book about missionaries that I am reviewing. Kathryne does devotions with us before she separates to do her own work.

The younger set- Charles, Ashlyne, and Rachel stay with me to do our part of My Father’s World. We do Bible, English from the Roots Up (vocabulary), music or art, and sometimes creative writing. Today we were interrupted by the FedEx man who brought a package with a game I am going to review.

We then read history. Today Kathryne wanted to sit with us because as I read aloud from Augustus Caesar’s World, the kids used clay to make a pig rattle like ones the Romans used to play with.

After history, we divide. I have several subjects I do with just Ashlyne and Rachel- math, English (using Primary Language Lessons), human body study, and either Latin or science. Charles and Kathryne are working in their rooms alone during this time. Today as part of our human body study, we did an experiment smelling cotton balls soaked with vanilla. Charles often likes to join in with our experiments.

Today Ashlyne had a private lesson at the gym. So we left the others to make their own lunch, and we headed off to the gym for an hour where she worked on her floor routine.

When we came home, the others had eaten lunch and Rachel had finished all of her independent work- spelling, handwriting, and reading. Ashlyne and I ate, and I checked my email. Rachel likes to play the Kindle when she’s done with everything.

When I had finished eating, I got the little girls together again to do science. We are using Apologia Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day, and we are using the Notebooking Journals with activities that go along with the reading.

Today was a sad day for the younger crew. Charles and Rachel had made a fort on Monday that I let them leave up. But, alas, today I was tired of it taking up space, and I made them remove it.

We headed to church around 4:00. Kathryne and I are leading Preschool Praise Club this year, and we had some copies to make.

We ate supper at church before choir began. Charles sat in the middle school/high school reserved section.

After supper, Kathryne and I helped in a room with 21 3s, 4s, and 5s. I did not manage to get any pictures of this. We came home- all worn out but happy about our first night back on the fall schedule.

And that’s our day. We live, learn, laugh, and love together. I truly love homeschooling, and it’s my passion. I love that our days are filled with learning and with time to spend together.

We’ll do it all again tomorrow.

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