Blogging Through the Alphabet: X is for eXplore (More About Geocaching)

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X is for eXplore (Don’t you just love how I adapt these letters?)

I am really into this whole geocaching hobby. I can’t believe that it took me almost forty years of my life to try this!

Tonight Charles and I headed to our local downtown area with a few particular caches in mind. One cache we’ve particularly wanted to do is a mystery cache in the library. Unfortunately I realized the library is still closed on Sundays until September. But there were three others close by.

We found one in a small park. This park is pretty hidden and neither of us had ever been there. One of the great things about geocaching is the discovery of these little out of the way places you wouldn’t have found on your own.

The next one took us to another place I’ve never noticed- even though I’ve grown up in this city. This was a mystery cache that taught us the history of our city’s name- Rock Hill. And it took us to a rock monument downtown that explains the name. Once we found the rock, we had to solve a clue to find the cache. This one stumped us for a while because we solved the coordinates wrong at first. But we didn’t give up, and we finally emerged triumphant.

We found another easy one downtown hanging in a tree. And then we started home. But, on the way home,  I had the idea to check for a cache in the mall parking lot. So I turned on the app and searched. We found coordinates to another mystery cache that puzzled us. It was a one difficulty- meaning very easy. And the description indicated that it was in a business that was open 24/7. I won’t spoil it for any local cachers, but we ended up in a hotel lobby hunting around the bar. When we found the cache- pretty easily- we got the opportunity to explain geocaching to an older couple sitting there.

This is a great hobby. It is good exercise. We walked quite a while downtown trying to solve the puzzle cache. It brings you to interesting places you might have missed. And it gives you the chance to meet people- as we did in the hotel.

We will continue to eXplore through geocaching. And hopefully we will have a chance to look for the library cache soon.

Blogging Through the Alphabet

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