Organize Your Life With Google Part 5-Google Chrome (A High Speed Browser)

In this series, I’ve been posting about how I use many of the features of Google to get organized and work efficiently.
In Part One, I looked at an overview of some of the great features that Google has to offer.
In Part Two, I looked at Google search and how to use it to find what you’re looking for.
In Part Three, I looked at one of my favorite Google tools- the calendar.
In Part Four, I looked a Blogger- Google’s free blog hosting service.

Today I am going to tell you about Google Chrome, my favorite browser.

Not long ago, I loved Firefox as my favorite browser. It seemed faster and more reliable than Internet Explorer- which is what most computers come with upon purchase. But then I started reading of all the buzz surrounding Google’s (new at the time) browser- Chrome.

Chrome has only been around since 2008. It is touted as the fastest web browser. Currently it is believed to be the third most popular browser next to Internet Explorer and Firefox. There are several reasons why I really like Chrome.

1. The speed. In my experience, it really is the fastest browser. There are some applications that never ran for me in Firefox but have done fine in Chrome. I used to be a big player of Facebook games, and I especially found that some of the games ran better in Chrome.

2. The setup. I love the look of Chrome’s New Page tab. It looks like the screen of a tablet with my apps all ready to go. The page’s theme and appearance can be customized, and the apps can be added from the Chrome web store. Now instead of searching for a bookmark, I can click on the site I want to visit.

3. Web search. If I do need to search, I can begin to type the search terms in the address bar and pull up instant search. This is also helpful for sites I visit frequently because when I start to type the address, it shows up immediately.

4. Internet safety. Chrome has built in Malware protection to warn me if I start to go to an unsafe site.

I love using Chrome as my web browser. I love that it connects to all my other Google services, and love the user friendly and easy to customize look.

Tune in for the next post in the series when I took a look at Google’s email service- Gmail.

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