Review of Alone Yet Not Alone- a True Story of Young Girls' Faith in Adversity (And a Chance to Win!)

Alone Yet Not Alone is a story for young readers (an old alike) that is based on the incredible true story of two sisters who were captured by American Indians during the French and Indian War. The girls were in a family of German immigrants living in the Pennsylvania farm lands. Barbara was twelve and her sister was nine when they were captured.

This is the story of their trials and adventures during their captivity. In the midst of all of the things they had to endure, the girls held on to the faith of their parents. The title- Alone Yet Not Alone– is based on a song the girls’ parents would sing them to remind them that God was always with them.

I enjoyed this story. The girls’ experience is interesting and inspiring. The book is simple enough for tween and teen readers, but it can be enjoyed by older readers also.

The story is also soon to be released as a movie. The movie comes to theaters on September 27. You can see if your local theater will show it by clicking here. I learned that it will show in a theater not too far from me. You can watch the movie trailer and read more about this incredible story on the movie website.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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