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I have been privileged to use resources from Doorposts before. For quite a while I’ve owned- and used frequently- their book Instruction in Righteousness. So I was pleased to have a chance to look at their boys Bible study Because You Are Strong.

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Because You are Strong is a devotional book for boys ages 10-12+. I received a paperback book, but it can also be purchased as an ebook.  The softcover book sells for $14.00. (Right now it is listed on sale on their site for $12.00) The ebook is $10.00.

I picked this out for Charles to use. He is 12 1/2. The book is set up as a daily devotional with five days worth of work for a week. Each days’ work involves different things such as reading Scripture, memorizing, meditating and applying, and in depth Bible study using various Bible study tools. There are two main focuses here- a character study for boys about Biblical strength and a lesson in how to use various tools for Bible study.

Charles completed each day’s study on his own, and then I looked over his study and discussed it with him.

Charles and I had two pretty different opinions about this study. I will share them both. But first let me offer a disclaimer about Charles. Academically he functions above grade level. But his reading has always been very slow and ponderous. And he really struggles to write anything that is more that a sentence or so long.

Charles’s opinion:
* There is too much reading. Often the days required multiple chapters of Scripture reading as well as the reading of the lesson.
* There is too much writing. On Day 2 of the very first week, he had to copy Hebrews 12:1-2 to memorize. These are pretty long verses. All of the questions required long, thinking answers. And the questions involving using the various study aides were pretty involved.
* He pretty much just viewed it as something extra to do, and because of this he didn’t particularly want to do it.

My opinion:
* I love application questions. I think this is especially helpful in Bible study.
* I really liked the concept of teaching the boys to use Bible study tools. This is something often overlooked in Bible curricula.
* I thought the topic was a great one for boys- strength. What is strength really? There were examples of Bible people who exhibited strength and various Bible verses that addressed Biblical strength.
* There are only ten chapters which equates to ten weeks of the study. I didn’t think was too long of a study.

In hindsight, it was probably not a good fit for him because of the amount of reading and writing. I always seek to achieve a good balance between exposing him to studies where he needs to read longer, to write more but, on the other hand, not frustrating him.

I think perhaps it might work if he did it as part of a group with other boys. I also think if my husband could possibly do it with him, he would be more inclined to stick with it. Charles is the only boy, and sometimes I think doing school with all of us girls is a little daunting because we think differently. If he were doing this with his dad and could discuss it with him, I think it might be easier for him and less of a chore.

I also think that an older boy might find it less daunting. Although it says ages 10-12+, I don’t many 10 year olds who could handle this depth of study.

In short, I liked the study. I’m not sure it was a good fit for my son, but I do think it is a good study. I think that used correctly, with the right age of boy, it would succeed.

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