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It has been a neat experience as a reviewer to occasionally stumble upon a product I really like and can see the potential to use in other ways. Bible Study Guide for All Ages was one of those. It is a curriculum for home or church that actually goes through the Bible studying some Old and some New Testament throughout the year.

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I received the first set of the Intermediate Student Level Pages. These are for 3rd and 4th graders and can be purchased for $5.95 per set. Each set contains 26 lessons. There are 16 sets in the complete Intermediate Level program.

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We also received the Bible Book Summary Cards. There is a card for every book in the Bible- 66- and the set sells for $24.95.

 photo bible-book-summary-cards_zps28dfa8ff.jpgI used the Bible Study Guide for All Ages with Ashlyne- a rising 4th grader and Rachel- a rising 3rd grader.

I was impressed with Bible Study Guide for All Ages from the very beginning because of the way the curriculum works. Some Bible curriculum for kids pulls random Bible “stories” from all over the Bible. There is no indication of how the Bible fits together and how the Bible really is history- not made up stories. This program is different because it teaches the Bible in an expository manner looking at verse by verse beginning in Genesis. It is also a very inductive style of Bible study focusing on observing the Scripture, interpreting it, and applying it.

We had no Teacher’s Guide, although I do think there is an optional one available. The student pages are long pages broken down into sections. These can be followed step by step to do each day’s lesson. The program is very flexible. There are a total of 416 lessons in this Intermediate Student Level program, so it could easily be a two-year Bible program for homeschool. The pages are designed so that children a little older or younger could use them also. So, if you have multiple ages of kids, you can take a look and see which level of student pages would be best for your family.

I used the curriculum a few days a week with my girls.

The pages begin with a review. The review material asks questions about the previous lessons. It also refers to reviewing the Bible Book Summary Cards- the cards that go along with each book of the Bible. And there was a reference to reviewing a song always that I didn’t understand at first.

The reading level of the material was good for my girls. They enjoyed taking turns reading each section on the pages, and then they each filled in the information on their page.

There are Scripture references to read that go along with the review and with the new lesson. Our pages picked up at the end of Genesis with the story of Joseph.

After the review, there is map work or a timeline. I loved both of these. I think a timeline is so important to help kids see the big picture of the Bible. And I think map work really helps them understand that the places and events in the Bible are real and to see where it all took place.

Next there was an application section. The first part of a story would be given and they would finish the story. This involved talking through the scenario and discussing it in light of the Scripture we had been reading.

After the application section, there was a hands on activity section. In this section we did something that was an illustration. For instance, on one page we were talking about honesty, and we tossed a ball of yarn back and forth and then tried to untangle our “web of lies.”

The new lesson for each day was on the back of the page. On this side there was a Scripture passage and then pictures in cartoon style. The pictures were numbered, and in the margin, there were numbers telling what to do with each picture. There were things to color, places to circle the right answer, words to match, etc. I let the girls go back and forth reading each number as they each filled in the sections on their page.

This Bible curriculum was a big hit at our house. The girls had fun doing it, and they even asked about doing it at times that I hadn’t planned. I really liked the focus on learning the Bible in an inductive manner.

I liked the curriculum so much that I asked our Children’s Ministry team at church to purchase the preschool curriculum for a preschool choir program that I and my older daughter are leading this year. I thought that the “through the Bible” approach would be a perfect fit for what we hope to accomplish  as we teach the preschool choir. And, on an interesting note, the preschool kit we purchased came with a CD, and the strange song that they kept saying to review on our pages is on the resource CD!

I am looking forward to using this Bible curriculum throughout the year with my girls and with our preschoolers!

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