Review of Laura Ingalls Wilder Documentary from Legacy Documentaries

 photo legacydocumentaries_zps0971e3df.jpg I grew up watching Little House on the Prairie. Thankfully my mother read to me as a child, and I learned to read for myself and read voraciously. So I did know the t.v. version was based on books, and I loved the books as well as the t.v series.

It thrilled my heart to tune in and watch baby Carrie fall running through the tall grass in the theme song. And I learned to hate Nellie Olson- and the love her in the later part of the series.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review a film from Legacy Documentaries about the real Laura Ingalls Wilder. Dean Butler- Almanzo in the t.v. series is the voice of the film Little House on the Prairie: The Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder. This is a DVD that sells for $24.95. Another DVD- Almanzo Wilder: Life Before Laura is also available for $21.95. These are not recommended for any specific age group, but because they are interesting and talk quite a bit about the Little House books, I think that anyone who is old enough to have read or listened to the books would be interested.

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I have to admit that I really enjoy watching documentaries. The older I get and the worse television dramas have become, I rarely enjoy any other type of television program. So I was excited to be watching a documentary anyway.

Little House on the Prairie: The Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder was a very well-done documentary. There was a variety of presentation including reenactors and drawings from Garth Williams- the original illustrator of the books. Dean Butler- Almanzo- voices the documentary.

The film begins with Laura’s birth in 1867 in Pepin, Wisconsin and follows her life- hitting some of the highlights mentioned in the book series. Comparisons are drawn between Laura’s actual life and the life described in her books. I learned quite a few things about the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder that I hadn’t known previously.

The documentary also goes on to tell about Laura’s older life- when she is married and a young mother and later when she goes on to write her books. I did know that her writings were not successful at first. The documentary describes the course her writing took to become the books that are so well-loved today.

I watched the DVD by myself for review. None of my kids are the documentary lovers that I am. I do plan to show them at least parts of it. I have read several of the books with my older kids and, more recently, my younger two. They’ve also seen the pilot episodes of the t.v. show that I own on DVD. Our local library has many of the episodes to borrow. Perhaps I need to begin to check them out, and show the kids what good, old-fashioned t.v.drama is!

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I loved this documentary. You can find out what other Review Crew viewers thought about it and about another Legacy Documentaries film by clicking the link below.

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