Review of Look Left, Look Right, Look Left Again from Greene Bark Press

I am a lover of books. I love all kinds of books. But some of my favorite are kid’s books that I can read with my kids.

I’ve not of heard of Greene Bark Press before this review. But I was excited to receive a very cute and informative board book- Look Left, Look Right, Look Left Again.

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Greene Bark Press publishes educational books for young children. Look Left, Look Right, Look Left Again is a colorful board book geared toward ages 3-8. It sells for $8.50 on the company site.

This bright, colorful book arrived at our house, and my younger girls(ages 9 and a just turned 8) were interested even though they’ve outgrown the board book stage most of the time.

 photo lookleftlookrightlookleftagain_zps08f68e39.jpgThe book (which is a 2013 International Book Award finalist) tells the story of little Wally Waddlewater, a young duck. Wally makes a card for his Grandma and wants to deliver it. Even though he thinks he’s prepared to cross the road to mail his card in town, he almost has a bad accident walking out in front of a car. So Wally’s Mama takes some time to teach Wally how to cross the road safely. She uses the phrase “Look left, look right, make sure the car is out of sight. Remember then: Look left again.” By the time Wally makes it to town and back, he’s learned how to cross the road on his own.

I sat down and read the book to my girls when it arrived. It was simple and easy to read, and both of them could easily read it independently, but I enjoy reading aloud, and they enjoy listening. After I read it, my youngest wanted to take it to bed with her to read, so it was pretty clear she enjoyed it.

This was a truly cute little book. I’m not exactly sure I agree with the age range. My girls thought it was a pretty “young” sounding book. Most 7-8 year olds know pretty well how to cross a street. But the book was cute and colorful enough to still interest them. And the safety message is one that does need reinforcing even in elementary school aged kids.

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