Review of Rock N Learn Phonics Easy Readers and Read Along Stories and a Great Offer from Educents

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 Rock N Learn offers DVDs that make learning fun. Using animation and music the DVDs teach everything from basic math and reading to foreign languages to history and science. We had the opportunity to review the Phonics Easy Readers DVD and the Read Along Stories DVD.

The Phonics Easy Readers DVD has a total of twelve books divided into four categories. The books begin with basic phonics sounds and get progressively harder as they go along. The picture and sentence show on the screen and then there is a wait with just music playing. This pause is to allow the child the time to read the sentence. Then a voice reads the sentence with the words highlighted as they are pronounced. The first books begin with short vowel sounds and progress to long sounds and some blended sounds such as “ay”.

The Read Along Stories DVD has four well known fairy tales. The stories are presented with some animation and the words highlighted as they are read. At the end of each story is a song that goes with it. The words of the song are also displayed on the screen with a moving ball to indicate the words.

If you are a fan of phonics instruction for reading you’ll like these. The Phonics Easy Readers reminded me of the leveled Learn to Read books with the benefit of the colorful pictures and some animation. The Read Along Stories are stories that will be familiar to kids written in early reader language. The color and music and animation of Rock N Learn DVDs are what really make these successful for young children. My girls- 8 and 9- thought them a little corny but were still interested. They are intended for ages 6 and up. But I think younger kids who are learning phonics would appreciate them also.

Right now Educents has a great deal on these Rock N Learn DVDs. You can buy a phonics package that includes two DVDs and a workbook for $19.99. You can choose from the Phonics 1 set which contains the Phonics Easy Reader DVD or the Phonics 2 set which contains the Read Along Stories DVD. Get it now from Educents.

Disclaimer: I received a free set of DVDs for review purposes. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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