Review of a Study Skills Lapbook from In the Hands of a Child

I’ve been a fan of lapbooks for a long time. I did quite a few with my older children when they were young, and I do them occasionally with my younger children now. I’ve used lapbooks from In the Hands of a Child frequently. But I honestly haven’t looked for lapbooks specifically for my older children for a while now. So I was very excited to be able to review a lapbook meant for them from In the Hands of a Child.

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I received Honing Your Study Skills as a lapbook download. This ebook lapbook is on sale right now for $5.00 at Hands of a Child. It is targeted to grades 5-10. I used it with my 8th and 9th graders.

This is a short, easy to complete lapbook. It can be completed in five days and it covers thirteen important study habits. There are fifteen mini book activities and twelve vocabulary words defined. We finished each day’s work in about thirty minutes, so it isn’t a very time consuming lapbook. I felt like the topics were great ones to review with my new high schooler and soon to be high schooler.

The kids had mixed reviews. Kathryne- my oldest- really enjoyed it. She’s always liked the crafty, creative part of lapbooks, and she is really excited about being in high school; so she was game to do it as often as I suggested it. Charles wasn’t exactly thrilled about the topic of study skills. He has always liked lapbooks, though, so he adapted.

There are quite a few reasons that I really like lapbooks from Hands of a Child.

1. There is a lesson plan/schedule at the beginning that helps me know exactly how much to cover in each day.

2. I like that the information needed to complete the mini books is all contained right in the project pack. The information is divided by topic so that it is easy to know what to read each day.

3. Even though all of the information needed is right there to read, there are also suggestions for supplementary reading. The books can be checked out from the library and used on the day that that information is covered.

4. The activities are clearly labeled and explained. I like to know exactly what pages go with each activity and how to put the mini book together.

5. I like the vocabulary words that are always included. These are added each day until the vocabulary book is complete at the end of the study.

6. I like the versatility of the ebook. I can print what I need. This time, I sent the ebook to my Kindle so that I could read the day’s le

sson from it, and I printed the daily schedule and two copies of each activity because I was doing it with two students. At other times I’ve printed the whole book so that I have it in print to look at.

This was a great, easy, informational lapbook. I can definitely recommend this one!

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