Weekly Wrap Up: And Regular School Starts Back on Monday!

I surely am ready for a more predictable routine. This summer has been busy (as they always seems to be), but it has also been different for us. We typically do quite a bit together as a family- at least the kids and I with Jason at work. But this summer there has been much more of kids doing things separately. It isn’t a bad thing, and I know it is a sign of everyone growing up, but it is a difficult thing to get used to.

Next week we will start our regular routine school. While Kathryne is working mostly independently this year, we still will be together more once we are underway. I’m ready.

This week was Kathryne’s last week as a summer counselor for ROAR. It’s been a good experience for her this summer. She worked three weeks as a Counselor in Training. While she tends to be quiet and shy in a peer setting, she is very good with younger kids. This summer stretched her. She had training and get togethers that caused her to have to be more outgoing with her peers. And she had the opportunity to develop some leadership skills.

We only managed to get a little swimming in. It was very rainy (again) this week. Our YMCA outdoor pools will still be open on the weekends until Labor Day, so I’m hoping we still have some opportunities to swim.

Charles began his Homeschool Spanish classes this week. I am reviewing this course now, and we’ve been looking forward to it. He has the opportunity to speak live on Skype with a real, Spanish speaking tutor. This week he started with his first class. This was my first experience using Skype, so I was a little unsure of how it would work. But it went great, and he enjoyed the first class.

Today we had friends over. One of Charles’s friends who moved to New York this spring (his parents are missionaries) is in town visiting, and he and some other friends came over today.

Personally I’ve had a difficult week. I decided to cheat on my gluten free eating and have a donut at Kathryne’s friend birthday party on Saturday. If I had any doubts about how effective eating gluten free really was, I think I know now. I’ve had quite a bit of pain this week as well as just feeling bad in general. Yesterday and today were finally beginning to be a bit better, so I hope I am headed back to a good place.

This weekend is birthday party weekend. Tomorrow we celebrate Kathryne and Rachel’s birthdays and on Sunday we celebrate my great niece’s birthday. I’ll definitely not be cheating this weekend!

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