Weekly Wrap Up: More of School Starting Again

This week began to feel more and more like our regular school routine. Ashlyne’s gymnastics changed to the fall schedule this week, basketball started back for Charles (and maybe Kathryne), and our Fun Friday co-op started today.

We are still enjoying My Father’s World. This week Kathryne’s curriculum added in the rest of her subjects; and Charles, the girls, and I added in music and art.

I’m reading Augustus Caesar’s World out loud for C, A, and R. It isn’t a book they would pick out probably, but we are reading it along with our curriculum. We are all really enjoying this story about the fall of the Roman republic and the transition to the Roman empire. We played an ancient Roman game this week- Odd or Even. Each player had 10 beans to start. The player had to look to the person on his left and guess if the person was holding an even number or an odd number. Correct guesses took a bean. Incorrect guesses gave a bean. Rachel beat us all pretty bad.

We also started our health curriculum this week. I am using a book called Nutrition 101. I picked it up at the homeschool convention where I heard the author speak. The author talks about her family’s journey from eating in a not very healthy way (She calls herself a former “fast food queen.”) to healthy eating. The curriculum looks at various parts of the body and examines why good food is important for those body functions. There is a recipe in each chapter along with various activities. The curriculum is complete enough to count as a high school health course if you assign some of the secondary activities. So we are using it as a family. And we are using it right before lunch so that we can tie in making some of the recipes. This week’s recipe was guacamole. Can you believe I’ve never made it? I’ve never purchased an avocado before this week. Yep. (I’m admitting my picky eating and lack of cooking skills here.) We made it and all tried it. (I was especially impressed with all of my kids trying a GREEN food.)

We are going to try to have a set Y day this school year. We use the Y faithfully in the summer, but our fall and winter membership is often wasted because we are too busy. We often end up dropping it until summer comes around again. This year I am trying to have a set day so that we can use it more often. This Tuesday we went and spent some time in the game room and then headed to the outdoor pool (which was still open because public school is still out). The swimming only lasted about 30 minutes because it started to storm. But at least we got some time in.

Today we started back with our Fun Friday co-op. The kids (and I )were super excited. The little girls are taking travel, science experiments, lunch, and cooking; and I am in their class the first two blocks. The big kids are taking dissection, upcycling, cooking, and lunch. I am not with them this year. I loved my class of third and fourth graders, and I’m going to be teaching the science experiments. I’m really looking forward to it. We have a great group of moms and kids.

I’m finally feeling a little more routine- which I like! And so far, we are enjoying the school year.
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