Weekly Wrap Up: My Father's World Week 3

This is week three of our My Father’s World (Rome to the Reformation). I am still impressed with our curriculum. I am loving the books we are reading. And I especially love that things are all planned out for me each week.

This week we were still reading about ancient Rome. We are reading through the book Augustus Caesar’s World which I am really enjoying. (History has always been one of my favorite subjects.)

On Tuesday we went to the Y. I’m hoping this will be our permanent Y day. When we start meeting with our science club, we may only make it to the Y every other week.

Another of my favorite things about My Father’s World is the English from the Roots up vocabulary study. This is Charles’s favorite. He enjoys vocabulary study and derivatives.

On Wednesday we made mosaics because we had read about the mosaics that wealthy Romans had in their homes and gardens.

The human body study through My Father’s World has proved to be fun and a good tie in with what we are reading in our Nutition 101 book for health. I’m doing a full science with Ashlyne and Rachel using Apologia’s Flying Creatures… but we are doing these short readings and activities that go along with our curriculum also. This week we had an activity about how the body responds to temperature when we were talking about our brain and nervous system.

The best change I think we made this year was in math. We are still all loving Life of Fred. It makes math so real and meaningful. I am having the little girls practice addition and subtraction facts also. I use drill cards and the Math Rider game we reviewed earlier in the year.

In addition to our regular work, Charles is taking Spanish classes by Skype with a teacher from Guatemala. This is a review I’m doing for Homeschool Spanish Academy. It has been fun. I can’t wait to review it soon!

My Father’s World has a light day on Friday. That means that very other week we have time for Fun Friday co-op, and on the other weeks, we have time for other activities. Charles made his famous donuts this morning after he finished.

In other news this week: two vehicles are not running. Thankfully I have a mechanic for a husband. And we had no air on Thursday. It happened to be the only day this week that temperatures reached the 90s. It was fixed, finally, yesterday evening, and I’ve never been so thankful for air conditioning. I was given some homeschool books and things from a friend. I always love looking through to see what I can use and pass on to others I know.

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