Weekly Wrap Up: Our First Week With My Father's World

This is our first year to use My Father’s World as our curriculum. I’ve looked at it many times over the years. I’ve thought and prayed and talked about it. What finally pushed me over the edge this year was two things:

1. I am just tired of planning. After 10 years of homeschooling and with the health problems I’ve had, I just want someone else to do it for me. But I didn’t want to give up my Charlotte Mason style. So I knew I didn’t want a boxed curriculum with textbooks.

2. Kathryne wanted something she could do independently. I was in agreement, but I didn’t want to give up having her use materials from a Christian worldview.

So we took the plunge. I was very excited when all of our curriculum arrived back in May. I’ve been slowly looking at it and preparing all summer. Kathryne has done the same preparing for her year with her own lesson plan book.

So far I can say we are really loving it.

Kathryne is doing the High School Ancient History course. She is Life of Fred for Math, Apologia Biology for science and is taking logic and health as electives. She is also earning an elective credit for early childhood because she is planning and directing preschool choir at church.

Charles, Ashlyne, and Rachel are using the 2nd-8th curriculum- Rome to the Reformation.

The only things we are doing together are devotions and prayer in the morning.

This was a good first week. I like the way the history is laid out with all of the different books to read. I like the book basket time where the kids can read about the topics we are studying. Charles loves English from the Roots Up- a study of Latin ad Greek roots. One of the surprising things I really like is the human body study that is part of the main MFW curriculum. I had almost decided not to do this because I am doing Apologia science with Ashlyne and Racehl. But we started, and we’ve already done two fun experiment/object lessons.

So far they haven’t liked the Bible curriculum. At the beginning we are using a book called How the Bible Came to Us. It is very much information we have already learned. I have hopes it will get more interesting and we might learn something new.

Here are some pictures of our first week:

 Everybody enjoyed setting up their new supplies.

There are some things I’m doing with just the younger girls and some things Charles is a part of- especially history and Bible. We write some Roman numerals this week as part of our Roman study.

There was still plenty of time for having fun this week.

Kathryne is doing most of her work independently and Charles has some things he does independently.

I really like the hands on learning in My Father’s World.

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