Weekly Wrap Up: Week Four of My Father's World

We are back into a regular schedule now for most things. This week began our praise clubs at church, so now we have added back most of our school year activities.

In our history, we are still reading through Augustus Caesar’s World and talking about the Roman Empire. We made a clay pig this week that was similar to ones the Roman children used to play with.

Charles and Kathryne are both using the high school Apologia science courses. Charles is in Physical Science and doing well using the notebooking journal. This week he had an experiment involving sound that required him to stick his head under water and listen. It is fun to have interesting experiments, and they whole family likes to watch – and sometimes try.

We also began The Bronze Bow this week. The kids started to complain about an extra read-aloud, but now I think they are enjoying the story. I’m enjoying it. I love historical fiction.

On Tuesday, we had our YMCA day. This week the older kids wanted to use the cardio equipment. At our Y they can, but I have to be in the room, and they have to wear a colored badge, so folks know their ages. After they walked and climbed and rode, we headed to get the little girls from childcare, have a small lunch, and hit the pool.

Ashlyne and Rachel did two experiments this week with their human body book. One involved tasting different things to see if they could identify them. The other involved smelling vanilla to see if the way they sniffed in odor made a difference.

Yesterday- Friday- was our Fun Friday co-op. This week the big kids dissected worms in their first class. And the little girls “traveled” to Washington D.C. in their travel class.

I can’t believe that we only have two more weeks until our Disney World trip. The time has flown. Next week we start back to AWANA, and Kathryne and Rachel will start the praise dance class they are going to do. Fall activities are in full swing.

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