When It's Time to Go "Back to School"

We homeschool mostly year round. In the summer, we usually do unit studies, catch up on basic skills that need polishing, or do some fun projects or lapbooks. This summer we didn’t do as much as usual because older kids were busier and were coming and going. Even when we do have some school through the summer, our “new year” begins in August. And even though it is viewed with some trepidation- after all there is less time to play outside and earlier bedtime coming- there are some things that make it fun to look forward to the “new” school year.

1. Everyone loves being a grade higher. It is funny because most of our subjects are not grade leveled. But the kids move up in church classes, so they know they are now officially the next grade level.

2. Buying school supplies is a highlight. Sometimes it seems second only to Christmas. I’m sure when I took the zoo crew into Staples (BEFORE tax free weekend), every other shopper thought we were crazy. I don’t even buy many school supplies this time of year. I stock up on them all year long when I see sales and have coupons. But I do let the kids pick binders. We keep notebooks of our work all year. And they love to pick out what they call “personality binders.”

3. Everyone is also always excited about new books. This year we started with My Father’s World, so we had a quite a few new things. We also changed to Life of Fred math which everyone has loved.

4. Sometimes we rearrange in preparation for the “new” year. This year I moved furniture in the school room, and we cleaned off and arranged desks in their bedrooms for Kathryne and Charles.

Even when we school through the summer, it’s fun to do some things that make the “new” year fun and special.

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