Why I Love Homeschooling Today

I could (and have done it) write long flowery posts about why I love to homeschool. But the truth is I don’t love it every day. There are days that I’m tired and the kids are whiny and I’m whiny. But then there are the “ah ha” moments. The moments that it really clicks that what we are doing is a wonderful thing.

Why I love homeschooling today

There is the beauty of watching Ashlyne and Rachel do their reading on the swing this afternoon. Rachel’s reading today was a play of Hansel and Gretel, and they decided to do it together out on the swing in the beautiful, cool weather we had today.

There is the joy of listening to Charles read books about ancient Rome to Rachel after lunch during “book basket” time. They’re all cuddled up in the big recliner and laughing over a book about Roman gladiators.

There is the fun of cooking guacamole with my kids for health and nutrition class. Can you believe I’ve never made guacamole- had never, in fact, peeled an avocado! But we made it, and everyone tried it.

There is the happiness in playing a game- “Odd or Even”- that is an ancient Roman game. We used dried beans and took turns guessing whether the next person was hiding an odd or even number of them. Rachel won with the most beans at the end.
And then there is the pure joy of being with my kids every day. Yes, sometimes it’s hard and yes, we sometimes get on each other’s nerves and yes, sometimes I’m tired. But nothing beats a morning surrounded by them.

That’s why I love homeschooling today.

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