A Review of Don't Miss The Boat: Facts to Keep Your Faith Afloat- A Book About Noah and the Ark from New Leaf Publishing

I’ve mentioned here before that I was never a big fan of science when I was in school. Things have changed since I’ve been homeschooling. As my children began doing more and more formal science and I began using resources from Answers in Genesis, New Leaf Publishing, and other creation science publishers, I’ve been very interested in science. And I love to read about how science really does line up with the truths of the Bible when viewed through a Biblical worldview.

Don’t Miss the Boat: Facts to Keep Your Faith Afloat by Paul Taylor is my most recent read. In Don’t Miss the Boat, Taylor looks at the Biblical account of Noah’s flood and shares facts that show how the Biblical account of the flood can be literal and accurate and still match the scientific information that we have.

He begins by examining the history of the flood, outlining the Biblical account and discussing some of the questions surrounding the flood such as “Who were the giants referred to in Genesis 6?”, “What was the atmosphere like before the flood?”. He takes a look at the people who were mentioned around the time and the wickedness that the Bible describes.

Taylor describes what the post-flood world must have looked like. He discusses Pangea, the super-continent- the idea that all of the continents were connected at one time- and the Ice Age.

Using some technical terminology and some more simple language for the lay person, Taylor looks at the science of the flood. He examines what the scientific evidence that we have really indicates. In easy to understand language, he examines how the scientific evidence that we have can easily match up with the Biblical truth of a literal, global flood. Over and over he gives examples of how we don’t have to compromise our belief in the Bible as the literal, accurate Word of God in order to look scientifically at the flood.

At the end of the book, Taylor included four fictional stories to communicate what it must have been like to live in the time of the flood.

I really enjoyed the book. I love to read books written by creation scientists. I know what I believe in the Bible, and I know that I won’t compromise that no matter what. But well-written, scientific books like this one show me that I don’t even have to consider compromising my belief in a literal, accurate Bible. Taylor affirms that we can take the scientific evidence that we have and support what we read in the Bible.

I liked the way the book was organized. At the beginning, Taylor provides information about how the book is divided letting the reader know that it can be read in sections and doesn’t have to be read all at once.

At first, I didn’t really like the fictional stories at the end. Even though Taylor emphasized that these were fictional, I didn’t like their inclusion in a scientific book. After I read them and thought about it, however, I realized that reading these fictional accounts does fit. It’s just another way to think about what happened when there was a literal, global flood.

I can highly recommend this one as a personal read and as a resource for teaching creation science.

Click here to read a portion of the book. And watch the book’s trailer below. You can find the book here on the New Leaf website and purchase it as a softcover or a digital book.

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