Blogging Through the Alphabet: Z is for Zany

 Z is for Zany

It is pretty incredible to think that we are at the very end of the alphabet already! And did you know that z is a very difficult letter to think of a word for? I googled it, and found some pretty crazy words. But, “zany” caught my eye.

When my kids were younger, my nephew spent a couple of summers with us instead of going to daycare during the day. One day my brother-in-law came to pick him up, and the kids were doing some of their usual crazy things. He commented (in a kind and joking way) that it was always like a circus at our house. It was true. It still is true. One of the greatest things about homeschooling for me is that I get to be with these incredibly zany kids all the time.

So in honor of the word “zany” here are some pictures of my truly zany kids.

They blow things up.

They dance in public.

They chicken fight.

They play dress up.

They wear too little shoes. (This is Charles by the way!)

They paint their faces.

They make dissecting fun.

They dance in the rain.

I love, love, love every moment with these zany kids!

There is more Blogging Through the Alphabet over at Ben and Me. She’s taking a short break before we start over with “A”.

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