Disney Day Five: Epcot and Tired People

Time for some more important things I’ve learned while visiting Disney.

1. It is hot in Florida. Sometimes it is really hot. We’ve actually had pretty good weather. Even though it rains everyday, it doesn’t last long; and the rain is refreshing. Today was just plain old hot. I’m not sure what temperatures got up to, but it is the only day the part in the middle of my hair got sunburned. That’s proof that it was very hot and very sunny.

2. Epcot is big. It is really big. I should have remembered this, but I was only in it once. And it was when I was a senior in high school. And we won’t even talk about how long ago that was.

3. Even though I like the idea of walking through shops from all countries- especially when the shops are air conditioned- kids with no money left to spend do NOT appreciate this. At all.

4. Hungry kids + Tired kids = Unhappy kids (Shouldn’t I have learned that from a previous day?!)

So, we hit Epcot today. I remember Epcot as being my favorite park. I still enjoyed it. But I definitely think it wasn’t a kid favorite. Charles and the younger girls wanted more excitement, and Kathryne- who takes after me- is pretty much amusement parked out.

We did do some fun things. We entered and went in Spaceship Earth. Besides the evolutionary focus, there was some interesting information about the development of communication, and it was interesting to talk to the kids about how what we learned today was similar to the information we learned in the Passages exhibit in Charlotte. Passages explored the development of the Bible through the ages, and many of the same milestones in the development of communication were mentioned.

We also loved the Under the Sea ride and Turtle Talk with Crush. Ashlyne and Rachel got to sit down front in front of Crush, and the rest of us watched from the back.

We walked through the Character Spot. This turned out to be really cool. The kids got three more autographs, and I actually got a picture that had me in it too!

We started the World Showcase in Mexico. The kids picked up their Duffy Bears (to be stamped in every country), and, yes, I made the big kids do it too!  And they did the Agent P mystery in Mexico. This was a secret mission with Perry the Platypus where they had to follow the instructions and save the world.

We only made it through half of the World Showcase. Jason, Charles, Ashlyne, and Rachel wanted to go back to ride Test Track, and the rest of us were just plain tired. So we headed home around 4, rested, and then went out to supper at Chili’s.

Tomorrow’s plan is to cover Animal Kingdom and then go back to Hollywood Studios for some things we missed. I think I’ll really try to remember that point about hungry, tired kids.

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