Disney Day Four: A Rest and Downtown Disney

We’ve had a busy two days and tomorrow is Epcot, so we decided to make this morning a rest time.

We got up later (although I was awakened at 8:30am by two little girlies who wanted to get into the pool). The kids spent all morning in the pool from the time I got up at 9 until after noon.

After a short grocery trip and lunch, we all got ready to head to Downtown Disney. My mom had heard of this and really wanted us to go and check it out.

This was the only venture so far that has turned out a little disappointing. For starters, it rained on and off all afternoon. Yes, that has been pretty typical Florida. I think the weather here is one of three things: (1)raining, (2)just rained, (3)about to rain. Unfortunately today was mostly option one. Also, the whole set up didn’t look quite as pretty as all of the pictures- which are apparently taken after dark. It does have some very cool, over the top decoration. It is still Disney after all.

I loved the Ghiradelli chocolate/soda shop. I had a pretty delicious caramel sundae with a Ghiradelli chocolate on top. The kids hit the jackpot in the toy store with some really cool Disney themed toys and in the huge Lego store. We saw some great Lego creations too!

After our trip, we headed back home for supper and a little more swimming for the kids.

Tomorrow we are up early again to head to Epcot. From my Disney memories, this was my favorite park, so I’m really looking forward to it.

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