Disney Day One: The Trip

Today was filled with riding. And riding. And riding. And I remembered exactly why I do not do long car trips. But we were safe all day. And the kids did really well. And so far, headaches and body aches are only slightly more than normal.

We headed out at 6:30am. Yes, 6:30 really does happen twice a day. Fortunately it isn’t often that I noticed. We made it until 10:30 with only one brief coffee/bathroom stop, snoozing on and off in the car, and then I was starving. I called the first big stop at a Cracker Barrel where we had brunch and stretched our legs.

After brunch we headed off again. We had intended to stop in Jacksonville at a state park and kill time because we couldn’t check in to the rental house before 4. But we realized that our Cracker Barrel stop had eaten the extra time. So we plugged on, stopped a couple more brief times for a bathroom break, and reached the house around 4:30.

I am thrilled with VacationRentals.com once again. I can highly recommend them. The house is great. (We did find one dirty comforter that appeared to have skipped the wash. We’re planning on notifying the property management team.) Otherwise, the house is great and was in great shape for our arrival. We have our own personal screened in pool and hot tub. There are four bedrooms and a large kitchen and living space. We are paying a fraction of the cost we have payed to stay on sight at Disney, and we have the convenience of cooking our own food and having our own space.

The plan for tomorrow is to start in Hollywood Studios. I have some excited children who struggled to sleep even though we got up at such an ungodly hour.

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