Disney Day Two: Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom

So, I’ve learned some things today:

1. The hot water in our house is funky. It obviously does not like me because other people can bathe in warm water but not me.
2. The itinerary I spent quite a few hours pouring over is not really worth the paper it is printed on. Today we totally scrapped the plan, spent half our day at Hollywood Studios and half at the Magic Kingdom. And, note, we were not through with Hollywood! This was not o my orderly and quite thought through plan.
3. The end of the day parade/show/fireworks at Magic Kingdom is veeery long.
4. When everyone tries to leave an amusement park at the end of the day, there is a large crowd.
5. Hungry children + tired children = pretty unhappy children.

Okay. Despite the fact that I learned these things, we had a pretty incredible day.

The excitement was thick as we headed into Hollywood Studios this morning. Grandmama and Pop were too pooped to party, so the Courtney Six headed out alone. We headed into the park from the tram parking.

The first ride we hit was Tower of Terror. Really. And I agreed to ride. Really. The people sitting in front of Charles and I really wished that I had not ridden. And that Charles had not ridden. I proceeded to scream so hard that my throat was sore the whole day and by evening I had lost my voice.

Rachel rode the Rockin’ Roller Coaster as her first ever coaster. She came off looking hardly phased. The girl is crazy.

We walked around Hollywood Studios hitting some attractions here and there until lunch time. I had thought we’d be back home for lunch, so I didn’t pack it. But Grandmama and Pop weren’t quite ready. So we lunched at the park. The kids really wanted Pizza Planet. And I’ll admit it did look cool, and the pizza smelled so good from outside. I decided to suck it up and make a gluten free sacrifice and just eat salad or something. I decided to ask as we were going in about gluten free food. I had read a good bit the night before about how well Disney does with allergen requests. But I still expected to be stuck with a salad. Only gf eaters will understand how thrilled I was when (a) It was no big deal to them that I asked (b) Not only did they have gf food, they made a gluten free pizza, and (c) They offered me a gf brownie to go with it! Lunch = success!

After lunch we hit the Beauty and the Beast show and then headed back for a short rest and to pick up grandparents. When we returned, we headed into Magic Kingdom.

The reason we deviated so much- and followed a completely illogical plan!- was because we wanted to be at Magic Kingdom for the electrical parade and fireworks. We hung out and rode some rides, ate snacks, and watched the night shows. I didn’t plan so well, so we ended up pretty hungry and tired. But the shows were really great.

As we tried to leave with thousands of other people, Kathryne compared it to the stories of the immigration lines that we studied recently. I agreed. As were being herded onto the ship with everyone, I was afraid they would make me open my mouth to check my teeth!

Tomorrow we’re waiting a little later. And we have a great character lunch with Pooh and friends coming up.

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